Places to Visit in Shanghai, China

If you’re searching for an energetic and lively city to traverse, Shanghai, China is your ideal destination! With a historic past and present-day culture, there’s something here for everyone. My pal Tim had been telling me to go visit the area after he stayed in Shanghai for an entire summer I’m so happy that I decided to finally make the plane ride.

The city of Shanghai

Dishes to Try in Shanghai

There’s nothing better than indulging in the delicious cuisine of Shanghai! With its unique blend of traditional Chinese fare and modern international dishes, this city is a food lover’s paradise. If you’re looking for some authentic local eats, be sure to try xiaolongbao (soup dumplings), jianbing (a type of Chinese crepe), and shengjianbao (pan-fried pork buns). A culinary journey like no other awaits you on a visit to Shanghai – Bon Appétit!

Pork Buns in Shanghai

When you’re craving a modern Shanghai experience, luxurious restaurants like Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet are perfect for indulging in their 22-course tasting menu that offers an unforgettable sensory journey. Furthermore, the city has no shortage of must-visit sightseeing attractions such as the iconic Oriental Pearl Tower with its panoramic views or The Bund’s stunning waterfront skyline view. Whether it be through food or sights, your time spent in this vibrant metropolis will truly be one to remember!

Yuyuan Garden & Shopping

To explore Shanghai’s history and culture, visit Yuyuan Garden – a centuries-old traditional Chinese garden. Or drop by the renowned Shanghai Museum to discover ancient Chinese art, culture, and architecture. And for a fun shopping experience in Shanghai, why not check out one of its many bustling shopping districts? Nanjing Road is the ultimate shopping paradise, boasting a combination of luxurious boutiques and penny-saving street stalls. If you’re looking for an authentic Chinese experience, then look no further than Old City Bazaar – it has everything from tea sets to chopsticks available at unbeatable prices!

Shanghai is a city overflowing with sights and activities, so much so that it would take multiple trips to do it all! Whether you have an appetite for the gastronomical delights of the area or are more inclined toward uncovering its past, Shanghai has something for everyone. Kudos to Tim for convincing me to explore this thrilling destination; I’m certainly glad he did!