Top 9 Tourists Attractions In Ukraine

Ukraine is a country with a rich history and beautiful natural scenery. It has been an important trading center since the Middle Ages, and remains home to many cultural attractions today. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing getaway or an adventure-filled vacation, there is no shortage of tourist attractions in Ukraine that are worth exploring. From iconic monuments to stunning castles and museums, here are the top 9 tourists attractions in Ukraine that should be on your bucket list!

1. Kyiv – Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine and one of its most visited cities. It is home to some of the most impressive landmarks in the country such as St. Sophia’s Cathedral and Golden Gate. There are also numerous museums in Kyiv that are worth visiting, including Ukrainian National Museum and Art Gallery – both of which showcase different aspects of Ukrainian culture.

2. Chernihiv – Located in northern Ukraine, Chernihiv is home to some historical sites such as Desyatynna Church, Yuriyivska Church and more. Chernihiv is also known for its architectural heritage which includes several cathedrals from the 11th century onwards as well as some amazing monasteries from medieval times.

3. Lviv – Lviv has served as an important cultural center for centuries and continues to attract visitors today thanks to its unique architecture and rich history. From Taras Shevchenko Monument to Armenian Cathedral, this city offers plenty of attractions for tourists who want to explore its culture first-hand. Additionally, there are plenty of colorful markets where visitors can purchase souvenirs or taste traditional dishes like Lvivske beer or Lvivska Sausage – all certified local specialties!

4. Odesa – Known as the “Pearl of the Black Sea”, Odesa is one of Ukraine’s largest cities with plenty to do for visitors. The main attraction here is Potemkin Steps – a grand staircase overlooking the sea that was built during Russian Imperial Rule in 1794-1795 (this same staircase was featured famously in Sergei Eisenstein’s 1925 film “Battleship Potemkin”). In addition to this iconic monument, Odesa also boasts several museums including Museum of Western & Eastern Art (which houses over 70 000 works by local artists), Jewish Museum (where you can learn about Jewish life in Odesa) and more!

5. Kharkov – Another large city located in eastern Ukraine that deserves attention from tourists is Kharkov – it’s known for multiple universities which makes it particularly attractive for students across Europe who want an international education experience! With plenty of parks and gardens too (such as Shevchenko Park or Gorky Park) there’s certainly no shortage of activities here either!

6 .Kamyanets Podilskyi Castle – This castle dates back all the way to 1062 and stands proudly atop a rocky hill overlooking Smotrych River – making it one of the most impressive sights in western Ukraine! Complete with fortified walls and towers surrounding it, Kamyanets Podilskyi Castle remains mostly intact despite being destroyed several times throughout its history due to wars between Poland Lithuania & Russia etc.. Visiting this castle gives a front row seat into what life must have been like here during medieval times!

7 . Bakhchysarai Palace – Located near Crimea peninsula , Bakhchysarai Palace holds many secrets hidden within its walls since 1532 when it was built by Crimean Khanate rulers at that time (it was also used later on by Ottoman rulers). This palace complex contains plenty interesting features such as fountains , gardens , mosques etc that makes it pretty captivating place even today ! Be sure not miss out on exploring this great site while you’re around Crimea area !

8 . Khortytsya Island – If you’re looking for unspoiled nature then Khortytsya Island might just be right up your alley ! This island has long served as settlement area since ancient times due its position along Dnieper river but nowadays more & more people come here just admire breathtaking views , explore archaeological sites or participate various recreational activities ! Don’t forget check out Zmeinyi Island next door too if time allows !

9 . Mezhyhirya Residence – This former residence of former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych is definitely worth checking out if you’re interested in exploring recent history . This complex contains numerous interesting buildings such as palaces , churches , luxurious spa center etc that makes it pretty exciting place both inside & outside ! Be sure visit this unique site while you’re around Kiev area !

These are just some of the top tourist attractions in Ukraine, but there are plenty more to explore! From ancient castles and monasteries to modern museums and parks, Ukraine has something for everyone – whether you’re looking for an educational or recreational trip. So what are you waiting for? Book your tickets now, and start planning your Ukrainian getaway today!